Welcome to my new pages here at Hamsterking.com.

Please be patient, it will be up and running again shortly, it's not one of those pages that will be under construction forever
it has just recently been changed, if you're a regular visitor to this site - you know this, if not, well...now you know :)

The Blender Guide will be back once I have converted it to the appropriate CMS document format that fits Drupal CMS.

WHY CMS? (12. Oct. 2009)

Well, my pages have been in dire need of some updating the last 3 years, and I think I owe it to you all and myself to update
it more frequently (like bi-weekly /monthly at least), with both the images, Blender news, graphics news & much more, and
besides - I thought I'd be useful to learn Drupal as it's growing into the most popular Content Management System around.

I've hardly had any sleep lately, but I promise I'll keep working on this site thorough the coming week(s), so stay tuned, come
back (and leave comments if you want, where you are allowed to do so...new feature! Also requested by visitors.

Tommy Helgevold