Blender 2.59 - The Final is HERE!

Well, not THE final, but the final of the 2.59 roadmap, and lots of new tools are in too now, NDOF (yep, we've gotten the Space Mouse from 3DConnexion back), an IVY generator, grease scatter generator and much more.

Besides...many of the tools you may have missed from 2.49 is also back now, well...not ALL of them, but most of them anyway. Not to mention the heaps of new features in the 2.5 series, massive!

Why don't you check out the: Developers Log.

And the official news from: - Blender 2.59 Release.
AAAnd here...
Blender 2.59 can be downloaded  here for All operating systems here.

Happy Blending! :)